Gourmet Christmas Gift Hampers

Xmas BasketMany people struggle with finding the right items to give for the Christmas holidays. Christmas hampers can make an ideal gift for the person who has everything or is hard to please. They are versatile and are only limited by the imagination of the person giving them. Hampers can come as open baskets, boxes with lids, or any type of decorative basket shape. They can hold snacks, spirits, candies, cookies and baked items, dried mixtures, soup mixes, office supplies, small collectibles, and other small items of a common theme.

One idea for a Christmas basket that many people will love, is a basket full of chocolate candies and cookies. The hamper can be filled with home made chocolates and home baked cookies. Alternatively, it can be filled with favorite chocolate candies and baked goods in the recipient’s favorite brands. Hampers can be small, to give to an individual, or larger enough to hold items for an entire family.

Those who want to give something different can find items related to individual hobbies or interests. Car enthusiasts might enjoy a basket of items like personalized race car tree ornaments, exhaust powered car jack, heated ice scraper, electronic tire gauge, 12 valve sports car racing sound converter, car themed coasters, or coupons for car detailing at a favorite local detail shop. There are many other small car related items that can go into a car themed basket.

Christmas hampers for a small group at the office can hold items to suit everyone. By placing a variety of office supplies, or snacks in the basket, nobody will be left out. If this type of hamper is chosen, be sure to find out what people in the office like or need, before selecting from various items to fill the space. Personalized business cards or holders, coupons for office supplies, or for hot drinks at a local coffee shop.

When giving a gift to a business or office associate, Christmas hampers can be more personalized. The sports enthusiast might appreciate a sports-themed basked with a can cooler, hat, and cooler carrying a favorite team’s logo. Tickets to a desired sporting event can also be included. Those who enjoy the theater may appreciate tickets to a local theater.  Music lovers may enjoy a basket with concert tickets, CDs, or a card to purchase music for a mobile device.

For high school and college students in the family, technology and technical gadgets are always a bit hit. USB drives, SD cards, rechargeable batteries, earbuds for mobile ey, and accessories for devices can all go easily into small Christmas gift hampers. Remember to check and see which specific devices the student owns, to put the right items in the basket.

For couples and families, Christmas baskets can be filled with snacks and drinks. A good bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, sausages, and pretzels are suitable. A large basket may include a six pack of beer or ale, a bottle of wine, and a selection of snack crackers. With these types of baskets, a gift giver can select the best one from an assortment, or simply purchase the basket and fill it with the desired items.

Children, though likely to be the easiest to please, are still somewhat particular. They will like hampers with cookies, candies, or snacks. But, it is best to make sure the items meet the approval of parents. Avoid putting anything with nuts in the basket, as children may share their gift with friends who are allergic. If food items are not desired, filling the basket with puzzles, small electronic gadgets (where age appropriate), books, or miniature toys is appropriate, as long as toys are for the right age. For babies and toddlers, toys for learning, holiday bibs, special character socks and t-shirts, and animal pillows are all items that can go into a holiday basket.

Christmas hampers can be fun and frivolous, for those who get into the season and like to decorate their homes or office spaces. Adding some mistletoe, small strings of novelty lights, colorful garland, items to hang on the front door, and tree ornaments, is a great way to prepare a holiday basket for the holiday decorator. Adding some garnishes with colorful ribbon and candy canes or gingerbread on the outside can also make such a gift fun to receive.